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The standards were enabled by the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act which was passed into law in December 2017. The Government is asking for feedback on five healthy homes standards: The document seeks feedback on five healthy homes standards: Heating– what minimum achievable indoor temperature should heating devices be sized for in rental homes, where should … Continue reading The healthy homes standards will set minimum requirements for residential rental properties.

Tens of thousands of rental properties will not be insulated by the government’s deadline of July 1 next year, insulation companies are warning. And that could result in a $4,000.00 pay-day for tenants who dob their slack landlords in. Landlords who fail to make the deadline could end up out of pocket. There’s a $4,000.00 … Continue reading Tenants of slack landlords are now only one year away from a landlord ‘gift’ of $4,000.00

As per the new Residential Tenancies Act, all NZ rental properties must be insulated…